The brains behind Neurotech@Berkeley!

Who we are

We are an established student organization at Cal with a mission of fostering a vibrant community on campus for students interested in the intersection of neuroscience and technology. We contribute to the greater neurotechnology community by working on consulting projects, furthering neurotechnology research in academia, reporting on recent neurotechnology field developments, and teaching neurotechnology fundamentals, all while making friendships that last forever!


As a community, our goal is to increase accessibility to neurotechnology through our 6 dedicated divisions, as well as through extensive external events.


Each year, we participate in our parent organization NeurotechX's Open Challenge where we are tasked with using EEG data to build a software-based solution to a neuroscience problem. We are currently working on a variety of software based projects ranging from learning tools to music selection.


The main focus of the club is to participate in our parent organization Neurotech's fixed challenge, but we are open to any new and interesting hardware projects that we could enter into the open challenge as well!


The consulting division delivers neurotech-reliant solutions to external partners.

Division leads are project managers who empower teams of five to six consultants of NT@B’s best developers, designers, and leaders. If you are interested in working with us, please contact us here.


Our division connects our budding talent with neurotechnology's greatest minds in academia and industry. We build the pathway for ideas, software, and hardware to flow between us and the outside world.


Our publications team has been recognized as a Medium's Top Writer in Innovation with 20,000+ followers. Its semesterly open-source publication, MIND, is a unique creative forum where dedicated writers dive deep into topics ranging from the neuroscience of death to the uses and consequences of brain implants.


Neurotech@Berkeley’s education division seeks to spread knowledge and passion for neurotech through a student-led DeCal, Intro to Neurotechnology. It’s currently being offered in the Fall 2023 semester.

Meet our team